Commercial Biomass boiler systems are also eligible for the RHI (renewable heating incentive) when installed for commercial use. For more information on biomass boiler systems please contact us for more information. Naturally Balanced HeatingA central heating system which utilises local, sustainable sources of energy. These wood burning systems fit naturally into the carbon cycle. The combustion of wood produces carbon dioxide and water vapour which, combined with energy from the sun are essential for the growth of new wood. Compared to oil, gas and coal which release carbon dioxide from underground deposits, wood burns without doing this so does not cause climate damage. For those that want the environmentally friendly form of heating biomass heating systems are the perfect solution and can also receive public funding. A number of different programmes are available for private households, agricultural and businesses to support your decision to use locally produced sustainable fuels.
Woodchip Biomass Boiler
Pellet Biomass Boiler
Log Biomass Boiler
Biomass Systems
Log burning Systems produce an output of around 60kW, Pellet burning heating systems can produce an output of up to 90kW and Wood Chip systems can produce an output of up to 200kW. The control system can also be incorporated with solar heating or small local heating networks. Modern biomass boilers operate at around 90% efficiency and are relatively quiet and easy to use. They can burn a wide range of biomass, in this case pellets. They can also be coupled with large fuel storage to eliminate fuel handling for weeks at a time. Ash production is low, typically around 0.5% by weight of fuel used and can be disposed of with normal domestic wastes or used in the garden as fertiliser, further adding to the environmental credentials of the technology.

Once ignition of the pellets has been established, the ignition element is automatically switched off and the boiler combustion control continually monitors and adjusts the fuel being fed into the bowl to deliver high levels of combustion. It is not just the accurate control of combustion that ensures high efficiencies and efficient heat transfer is also aided by removing ash from the combustion bowl and maintaining a clean surface on the heat exchanger. Ash cleaned from the combustion chamber and heat exchangers are automatically conveyed to an integrated as bin.