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Barry Clark Plumbing & Heating Ltd

Barry Clark plumbing and heating provides installation and servicing commercial and residential Heat Pump Systems, Biomass Boiler Systems and Gas Heating Systems in East Yorkshire and The Humber. With a great team and a wealth of experience in various different heating systems we can advise on the best system for you. Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pump Systems use natural temperature differences in an environmentally friendly heat exchange to heat your home or business.

Biomass Systems provide a carbon neutral way to heat your home and with modern biomass systems achieving around 90% efficiency it’s a great way to make sure you get the most from your heating system. Once ignition of the pellets has been established, the ignition element is automatically switched off and the boiler combustion control continually monitors and adjusts the pellets being fed into the bowl to deliver high levels of combustion. It is not just the accurate control of combustion that ensures high efficiencies and efficient heat transfer is also aided by removing ash from the combustion bowl and maintaining a clean surface on the heat exchanger.

ETA Domestic 5 Year Warranty
BCPH are ETA installation partners and can offer 5 year warranty on ETA products subject to annual servicing arrangements.

NIBE VIP Installer 7 year warranty
BCPH are NIBE VIP installers and can offer 7 years parts and labour warranty on NIBE products subject to annual servicing arrangements.

Ground Source Heat Pump Installation